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Social Media Marketing has been around for quite a while but it was never been this effective when it come to bringing in more leads/clients. It's hands down one of the most effective way to reach people. Why you may ask? Well it's quite simple. it's because of how many people are on those platforms like Facebook, Instagram and snapchat and all the other platform. there are millions of people of all age ranges that surf the platform at any given time of the day. That's where we come in and how we can help any kind of company bring in more customers, from roofing to real estate agents to plumbers to chiropractors. 

It's all about how and what you are offering to the people you are showing the AD to.



Our prefered AD platforms are Facebook and Instagram. They are the only we specialize in and they are the easiest to use and understand. To explain this without confusing anyone, We create an AD (it can be a simple picture or a short video) explaning what it is exactly we are selling or showing off. We can target people who would be interested in this item or service we are offering to the public. For example we could target people that are aged of 46 who live in Miami, Florida and who like cats. Thats how specific we can go when we target people for our fetured item or service. And that's only one of many reasons we use Social Media as a marketing tool.




While Social Media Marketing if part of Digital Marketing, but Digital Marketing  includes promoting across multiple channels.  Social Media Marketing is used on internet based platforms (facebook for example).  We still use the internet while talking about Digital Marketing but we focus on bringing in people to your website or just showing you as a company off. Meaning we do ads that are showing people that you exist.  For example we might do an AD that focuses your facebook page or you website, meaning we would make people click on the ad and re-direct them onto the desired place to show. This is less used by us but is still encouraged from smaller busineses that want to make themselves known to the public in a rather quick time. 

But this doesn't only need to be internet based as the discription at the begining mentions. We could create an offer that you post in the newspaper or even on TV. Digital Marketing doesn't start and end on the internet. it goes way beyond that.



This is just a review of what you have done, wither from a website you might have builts or to AD campaigns that you have done and have not work. We go over what works and what doesn't work from A to Z. We love to do this with as many people as possible not to say all you did was worng but to explain where it went wrong and how to avoid that next time. 

We check 


-old AD campaigns

-old Ad copies (the writing on top of the AD)

-the ADS themselves

-and anything you have done to try and bring in more clients

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